Saturday, October 30, 2010

A.N.T.Z !

"semut berkomunikasi dengan menggosokkan sesungutnya"

Owh,patut la...
Now I've got the answer!
Selama ni orang cakap aku buang tebiat
dok perhati koloni semut lama2.
Ada kalanya tanpa sedar sampai setengah jam
aku leka tengok semut2 bekerja.

Aku jadi hairan setiap kali ternampak
semut2 tu bertembung
dari arah bertentangan,
mereka seakan2 bercium. (???)

Kadang2 bila aku sekat laluan mereka,
mereka memang akan gunakan laluan lain.
Tapi selepas aku mengalihkan tangan aku,
mereka akan kembali menggunakan laluan asal.
Dan laluan tu tak tersasar sedikit pun
dari landasan (siap aku lukis track lagi tuhh).

"semut mempunyai otak yang paling besar
dalam alam haiwan,
jika dibandingkan dengan nisbah saiz badannya"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

not so MUET day

It's MUET!
I was a bit nervous.
I am the first candidate to present,
from the first group after all!
I aim for band 5 but if it's not 5,
at least band 4...pliss~

The question sounds like this:
"If you were given a chance to learn a free skill,
which one would you choose?"

A-music instruments
B-foreign languange
C-set up a small biz
D-drive a car

Since I was candidate A for that day,
like it or not I have to opt for the first skill.


...and here is the answer...

If I were given a chance to learn a free skill,
I would choose how to play music instruments.


Well,signing up for a music lesson is a bit pricey.
I can't afford to pay for those music lessons.
Thus, why don't I grab this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?
I would describe this as a dream come true offer.

To expose myself to a new experience.
Apart form just listening to the pieces,
it would be great if I can play 'em by myself.
Maybe I can be experimenting with 'em!

To discover my another hidden talent.
They know I can paint, I can sew, I can cook.
Who knews, maybe I can play music too?

Whenever I attend orchestra concerts or any perfomances,
definitely I would attend with a knowledge.
I don't want to be look as a dumb.
I want to give my own opinion.
I can talk afterwards about what was seen and heard.

To keep a healthy lifestyle.
If I intend to move around quite a bit
or have very little space in my days,
definitely my parents would not agree
with the idea of loitering around.
Jamming session with friends
will be the best excuse. HAHA!

As a way of relaxation.
No need to explain much about that.

Well hurm, I do not really know how to socialize.
I am timid and shy person (am I??HEHE)
I think this is the best to overcome this problem
as it can help to raise up my level of confidence
and communication skill.

Consider the economical aspect.
If I am good enuf with my skill,
perhaps I can join any band in their performance.
I don't want to aim for an orchestra.
But I wish to participate
in small and large performing groups.
I will earn my pocket money,
no need to rely to much from mum's.

Last but not least,
The ability to play a musical instrument
is indeed very fulfilling.
Trust me,there will be no regrets.

*this conclusion,hukhuk...
not enuff time!
The examiner have to stop me*


Thinking back,
this is actually the way I should answer.
I know I can do better than that.
2 minutes is not enuff.
I even can't conclude.
SIGH~ :"(

But I least,I've tried my best.
Better than Indian looking guy.
When I was presenting my points,
seemed like he underestimated me.
Same thing happened to other two candidates.
with the laughing and jerk mimic face,
as if he's the best.

Guess what happened next?
When it comes to him,
he made a HUUUGE mistake.
He didn't present his point,
but he took candidate B's point.
See who's the stupid one here?

The examiner already gave the instructions,
but I think he didn't pay his attention.
(perhaps he thought that's he good enuff
for not listening it).
Well boy, serve u right.
Handsome, but arrogant.