Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have a dream that one bright day,
I'll be raising my own family.
Having a husband and children
with a good career.

That will be the best part of my life.

I wish that,
I won't die till that day come

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two o' Eleven

The TWENTY-TEN is almost done.
And I would like to thank you chum
for your support, advises etcetera,
And all of you deserve hugs n kisses!

For sharing foods, drinks, whatnot.
Some smile, some tears, laugh, why not?
Watching live-life of other folks,
Commenting stuff and friendly talks.

We made those days already,
That makes every moments nice and dandy.
The one that has considered a disaster,
It has led us better!

You have that some common things.
BF, BFF, love should do!
Big day is on the way.
By that time, hip hip hurray!


Hey, guys, it’s time for New Year soon,
I'm ready to make some counting too!
So take a look at nextcoming days,
considering the future!

That’s right, 11:59pm is off,
With hundred of moments left behind!
Don’t waste your time now.
I have something that is not really
a what-called "resolution"

The big thing actually is THANKS.
For giving me cheers in big amounts,
Giving hopes, earning trusts,
Performing other path in my life.

HAPPY 2011,everyone!